As we continue to age and grow as individuals, we are also growing in our relationships. Our decisions, our partner’s choices and the external factors that life throws at us can often lead to disconnect, tension or conflict. As we travel down life’s path together it not uncommon to hit a bump or even a roadblock and relationships need maintenance and sometimes repair in order keep moving forward in harmony and balance.

You are presumably reading this because you want something to change in your relationship. You may need help with repairing your damaged relationship, just need a few minor tweaks to keep things going smoothly or want to return to the feelings that you once had for each other.  It could be that you want better communication with your partner, want to regain trust, or want to feel wanted, understood and respected. There are a plethora of issues that couples face and I would be happy to speak with you to see if I could be of assistance.  

We all are at our best when our relationships are flourishing. Just think of a moment in time when you were happiest with your partner. It reduces stress, increases joy and satisfaction, and improves not only our relationship but can have positive effects on all areas of our lives.

Couples therapy is an investment in your relationship. If you decide to move forward with my services we will take a tailored approach to your individual needs and combine evidence based methods of couples therapy with a safe, supportive and balanced environment that is conducive with success. I recommend that we partake in a no-cost ten minute phone or in-person consultation to answer any questions and see if it makes sense to move forward with therapy. 

Please see FAQ for fees and insurance information.