Individual ADULT Therapy

Whether you have taken part in therapy before or this is your first attempt, you are presumably looking to make some sort of change. You may be suffering with anxiety, depression, lingering events from your past or dealing with current stressors from family, relationships, work or life events. All to often people resort to unhealthy means or patterns to alleviate their pain, stress, or mood but the relief is often fleeting and our best attempts can often backfire leaving us overwhelmed and exhausted. Therapy can serve a collaborative process in which you can work through the obstacles that stand in the way of a happy and fulfilling life. 

Your role in therapy is as an active participant. I see myself as an empathic guide on your journey who will try to see the world through your window but I will always be limited to what you choose to share. You alone are in control of yourself, your life and the process of therapy. My aim is not to steer or shape your journey but to be there as a support and offer feedback and strategies that can help you navigate through life's inevitable tribulations.  Therapy is an investment in your own wellbeing and I hope to help you with your brave decision to move forward with therapy. I recommend that we partake in a no-cost ten minute phone or in-person consultation to answer any questions and see if it makes sense to move forward with therapy. 


Please see FAQ for fees and insurance information.